ues & All is the cutting edge verse resource designed to breathe life into verse texts. Created for theater professionals based in New York, Cues & All is a complete verse lab, offering workshops, private instruction, coaching, and group work. Matt Daniels has designed a customizable forum for all your verse performance needs.

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The flagship of the Cues & All armada is the verse workshop, a comprehensive course designed to get the most out of Shakespeare's text. Utilizing a myriad of techniques, including those taught at the Juilliard School Drama Division, actors will learn how to effectively scan, score and speak the speech! Whether you have never worked on a verse text before, or you just can't figure out what is standing between you and that Shakespeare Festival job, you will find all you need in Cues & All's exclusive Shakespeare Toolkit. A series of verse workshops designed by Matt Daniels to help you breathe life into your work, Cues & All has something for everyone, from unversed student to seasoned pro. Matt's experience, training, passion, and edge will pick you up and give you the tools you need to find the life of the piece and get the gig!

Matt's bold, innovative style comes from his expansive background, including formal training, and then work with both classical and modern verse texts in a diverse range of settings -- from proscenia to parks, Uptown, Downtown, Regionally, and in city schools. verseworkshop He brings his eclectic experience and vast knowledge of Shakespeareana to you via a fun, fascinating, and effective process. Always keeping in mind the fact that plays are meant to be played, not just read, Matt takes you on a journey from the first encounter with the text around the table, through dissection, scansion, and scoring, to putting it on its feet and bringing it up to performance level. Along the way, you will be given a comprehensive Shakespeare Toolkit, including a method of notating the musicality of the verse, a research bibliography, a simple guide to Shakespeare's history and language, and a sure-fire method to keep "thee," "thou," and "thy" straight.

The verse workshop is available in two formats -- the Lab and the Intensive. The Lab meets once weekly, three hours at a time, for eight weeks, with a limited class size. The intensive meets over a long a weekend, eight hours Saturday, eight hours Sunday, with a three and a half hour master class on Monday. The Lab, while a bigger time commitment, offers more individualized attention, and every member of the workshop will work every session. The Intensive offers all the information and exercises developed in the Lab in a compact time frame, with a chance for members to sign up to implement new tools in a master class with workshop leader Matt Daniels. Both the Lab and the Intensive can be followed-up by the Gymnasium, where members of the Cues & All workshops will hone their skills in a more traditional acting class format.

After Cues & All's detailed tablework, scenework, and a technique Matt calls Textual Physicalization, you'll find yourself skating, surfing, and flying along the cutting edge of verse!

The Cues & All Verse Workshop includes:

A complete vocal and physical warm-up to begin each session.


Implementation of the Shakespeare Toolkit: Solid techniques and exercises to discover Shakespeare's own clues to actors.


Individual work on scenes and soliloquies.


Exploration of original texts (folio and quarto facsimiles) vs. modern editions.


A look at other verse texts, including Jacobean, Restoration, and 20th Century playwrights.

bullet The Lab (8 weeks): $425.
bullet The Intensive (3 days): $375.
bullet The Gymnasium (ongoing -- for those who have already completed the Lab or Intensive): $195/mo.

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The craft of acting calls for specialized skills. When a verse text is involved, the difficulty ratio is doubled: How to evince every iota of emotional truth, but still vocalsessions convey the beauty of the poetry, making sure every word is heard? That's where Cues & All comes in. Utilizing years of intensive voice and speech study, Matt will coach you in how best to use your instrument to give the text to the audience. You will learn solid techniques for breath and volume control, pure tone and precise pitch, and elimination of speech impediments and regionalisms. You will then learn how to apply those skills to a verse text. Voice and speech are complex tools, and, like any other tools, you must learn how to use them. Anyone can swing a hammer, but a master carpenter swings it once, and the nail is in. Anyone can memorize 300 lines of verse, but to really communicate them to the audience takes skill. Matt's vocal sessions will help you, the verse actor, hone your skills.

bulletone-on-one vocal sessions: $45/hr + space rental.



You have the skills, you have the talent, you have your piece... but something is not working. You need a privatecoachingcoaching session. Matt's extensive experience on both sides of the audition table has given him a wealth of insight. Integrating that insight with the tools utilized in the Cues & All verse workshop and vocal sessions, he will work with you to mine every minutae from your piece, giving you a strong foundation, incredible detail work, and the confidence to perform flawlessly. What's more, it isn't limited to verse texts... Matt's training and experience have prepared him to work on any number of texts under any number of circumstances, and whatever you bring to the table he will attack with vigor, fun, and grace. Private coaching is perfect as a followup to the verse workshop, as a companion to the vocal sessions, or as a periodic tune-up. Whether it's an audition monologue, a scene for class, homework for a role you've won, or anything in between, a one-on-one private coaching session with Matt will remind you of the strengths you have, and give you the will to fly.

bulletprivate coaching: $45/hr + space rental.

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You're in production. You've got a superior text, a great design, and an excellent cast. But... you're missing something. Your actors probably come from from varying backgrounds and levels of experience. fullcastworkoutMatt will help bridge the gaps by customizing any aspect of Cues & All to work with a full cast. Whether you need a group vocal warmup or an injection of verse oriented excercises, Matt will design a unique workshop for you and your cast.

Having worked with a diverse range of theater companies, Matt has collected a vast array of exercises and techniques specially suited to group verse work, ranging from mellow to full intensity, and always fun. At the beginning of the rehearsal process, as a pit-stop in the middle, or as a springboard into performance, a full cast workout will always give your production that elusive something it was missing.

bulletworkouts priced according to content/duration.

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New verse workshop sessions:
The Intensive

On Hiatus
Saturday and Sunday 10-6, Monday 6:30-10

The Lab

One evening a week, beginning mid-November, 7-10
Location: 147 W. 46th St. (between B'way and Sixth Ave.)

bulletthe verse workshop -- the Lab: $425 • the Intensive: $375

bullet class size is limited.
bullet admission by interview only.
bullet group rates available.

the vocal sessions: $45/hr + space

bullet house calls or rented space.
bullet ongoing sessions.

private coaching: $45/hr + space

bullet house calls or rented space.
bullet for auditions, scenework, homework.

full cast workout: p/a

bullet fully customizable.
bullet call to discuss your options.

All Cues & All sessions include academic and physical work. Be prepared to write and move.


"Extraordinary... Matt provides an enormous wealth of insight, practical tools, and knowledge to actors of all levels approaching Shakespeare's texts. He gives simple suggestions for difficult matter, and most importantly, demands that we make decisions about the texts on our own, outside of direction. What we're left with is a glorious feeling of ability. We're no longer intimidated by Shakespeare or anyone who directs his work. I give him enormous credit for my success. Take Matt Daniels' Cues & All verse workshop. It's worth its weight in gold!"

- Nicole Poole, actor
Royal Shakespeare Company, Denver Theater Center


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